nacons builders/platinum city o block


Nacons builders aim is to establish ourselves as the most trusted and admired real builders company in the country. Our vision is not limited to becoming the most successful company in the sector, but to become the obvious partner of choice in the building process. We are constantly striving to gain the trust and confidence of the people we work with and the people we work for. At the core of our organization are a set of guiding values. It is our mission to embody each of these values in our functioning, constantly.

Agility:         We are a dynamic & flexible organization that is always on the ball and ready for a challenge.

Team Spirit: Our company celebrates the spirit of inter-dependence and cohesiveness.

Learning:      We treat every day as an opportunity to learn; as individuals and as an organization.

Meritocracy: Ours is an environment that nurtures and rewards talent and performance.

Community:  We believe in the power of the collective; where individual action makes an impact on the  larger community.


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